2001 Moose Hunt

Tom and his co-worker Andy Cobbett visited Crow Village in the fall of 2001 in search for the ever so elusive Kuskokwim moose. Andy hails from London, so he was the first European to visit the village of crow in some time. Raven wasted no time grilling Andy for trivia on the queen. Of course contruction was on the schedule as well, and Andy was in charge of keeping everything on schedule. You may be interested to know that schedule is now pronounced "shed-jule" on the Kuskokwim since Andy pointed out they had been pronouncing it wrong all these years. A big stack of "second cut" boards needed to be hauled from Nelson's place by Chuathbaluk, so that was the first order of business. Storm insisted that was not proper in his own modest way by commenting vociferously about the intelligence level of the logs from Chuathbaluk all the way to Crow Village. Strangely enough, no moose were spotted on that journey. More tile was installed as the base for the beautiful kitchen stove.

Some cold beverage brewed with hops and barley was consumed (a rare treat for sure) and a lengthy somewhat logical discussion reached consensus that the best moose hunting would be accomplished in the vicinity of Hook-M-Up. Of course, the gold pans would be brought along as an aide in recovering the remainder of the stash left behind on the last Hook-M-Up trip. The long trip was made more comfortable since half the crew could ride in Margarit's boat. We were pleasantly surprised to find George waiting at Hook-M-Up with the coffee already on. Unfortunatly George's advise did not help find the ellusive moose and after Andy was convinced that this was NOT the Northwest Passage, the troops headed back to Crow.

More construction, berry-picking and Silver drifting were in store. Some of the berries seemed to disapear at one point, however the mystery of that disapearance was resolved through brilliant detective work on some facial evidence noted on the 3 young kids. Pursuit of moose carried on and the dexterior of one moose was spotted, but it was gone long before someone could determine the sex, let alone shoot it. Tom claimed to walk into one in West Crow Village, but that story has yet to be substantiated. The kitchen stove was put into place, and the pipe routed thru the roof, and Lisa wasted no time cooking some fresh bread and frying some delicious silvers on the new appliance. The latrine project which was funded in part by a village council bond was completed, and you would be hard pressed to find a finer outhouse. Dakota broke it in, and, yes, he did lift the seat. Chinking was completed on the north and south sides, and rustic siding of the gable ends was started in preparation for the winter that lies ahead.

FINALLY!!! The second page of pictures is available!

Bob with his Crow Village hat


Proud builders of the CV Biffy

Back of cabin

David and Tom

Fog at Crooked Creek

Preparing caribou

Ride thru town

Dead end!

Kitchen stove

View from Hook M Up

Light that stove!