Roof Raising 2000

The summer of 2000 marked a big change for Crow Village - the re-establishment of permanent residence. This required some drastic measures to increase the livability of exisiting structures including the main residence now under constuction for 5+ years. Thus a lottery was instituted for a select few spots available for the roof raising party. As luck would have it, each and every applicant to the lottery was granted a spot. Participants included Tom, Rachael, Winston, and Amanda Feyereisen, Thea Feyereisen, Seth and Ray Wood, Father Slohey, Dr Tom, Ryan Woodard, Hilary Fletcher, and BJ Wooodard (Ryan's mom).

Some pictures from the event are hilighted below. Any other additions are welcome. The single most rememberable part was the episode of wind one night which caused damage to each of the tents. Another item remembered was the unescorted hiking excursion Winston and Seth took which required some rescue assistance.

Good progress was made on the main stucture including the completion of the log stacking and the framing of the roof. Slohey provided some insiteful direction and the first mass conducted at Crow Village in decades. In between the building efforts, there were plenty of fish caught and some mighty fine eating. Even Amanda participated in some fish harvesting and was spotted on several occasions actually eating fish!

A few silvers

Winston's jack

Amanda working hard

Rachael and Winston drilling for water

Work on the loft

Some salmon

Logs going up

Ryan headed towards Crow Village

Catch of the day

Work on the roof

More work on the roof