2001 Urban Renewal

The Crow Village Urban Renewal Program was active again in the summer of 2001, but had only 1.5 working visitors: Tom and Thea (you guess who was the .5!). But what they lacked in quantity, they made up in spirit! Projects included the installation and reinstallation of french doors and windows. There was one particular wall that didn't quite pass the Kuskokwim River Valley Home Inspection Program and thus required some realignment and reinforcement. One of the big highlights of this trip was the installation of a cross-beam in the cabin. Lisa and Tom had both selected the same tree in the forest independently so it must have been the one! Tom and David brought the 4-wheeler down from Aniak in the boat to help drag it out of the woods. The stripped off the bark and chiseled out 2 saddles in the log that would criss-cross the existing crossbeams. LadyLuck shined on Crow Village that day as it fit perfectly on the first try! Not quite as impressive of a hoist the previous year of the laminated beam at the top of the roof, but it was a good day nontheless.

The other highlight of the trip was the goldpanning. We did an overnighter at the abandoned Hook 'Em Up camp and did some panning near Bear Island where the Holukuk and Kuskokwim merge -- about 35 miles upriver from Chuathbaluk. Can't really tell your more about the experience as it wouldn't be prudent to disclose all the secrets! Another fond memory of this trip was on Tom's last day. Tom and David reengineered and installed the basketball hoop while Lisa cut fish and Thea and the kids shook their "bonbons" to Ricky Martin on Crow Village Beach.

New basketball hoop

David in the smokehouse

Dakota with the some of the team

Tom and Storm

Raven smoking the fish