Thanksgiving O-five

Although Thanksgiving morning was -36, the weather cooperated for Thea and LuLu's Thanksgiving 0 Five visit to Crow Village. Snow was abundant. The addition of the Ski-Do to the line up of snowmachines is splendid. That is the only sled LuLu liked to ride on—I think it was more the driver (Uncle David) that she appreciated than the machine itself, nonetheless, that was her preference. Her Auntie Lisa would squish her too much when she drove her.

We had ham and cheesy potatoes for t-dinner… saving the turkey and mashed potatoes for xmas. Because of the cold temp, the dinner was celebrated at the Driftnet. In attendance were 3B Bobb, Tommy Tom (David's cousin and Storm's soul brother), Baby Preacher and his friend Brazus, new Aniak resident Michelle who is a teacher's aid and wants to set up a women's shelter, and the Wilson's sans Wanda who was at home puking. She didn't puke from the dinner though—that wasn't the reason for her illness. In addition to ham and potatoes—the Wilson brought a plethora of pies which were enjoyed by all. My favorite was the blueberry-rhubarb.

We took a ride out to the tundra in search of caribou. The week prior Tommy Tom and his nephew came back to town with 3 after being gone only 4 hours. We saw plenty of signs and a couple wild 4-legged creatures, but they were of the moose variety. Hopefully the caribou will stay around for awhile though for the Feb hunters.

Travel on the river includes some overflow. The river froze up very fast this year and I guess that may be a contributor. Lisa and I went to get some water one night from the hole in the river and bent down to discover 2 inches of water covering the area. The pressure from beneath had it all bubble over I guess. They were still not traveling to Kalskag via the river for the most part.. People were traveling on the tundra via whitefish lake. Finally the last day there were a couple machines that went past Crow Village.

LuLu enjoyed chasing the kitties and playing with the dog and sled yelling "Mush Mellow!" She also like sledding down the hill on the wooden toboggan and riding with Raven on the snow machine in the yard pulling the other kids on the toboggan.

The 4th of July summer project is still under review. The top suggestions include installation of wood flooring on the main house or finish insulation, paneling etc on Uncle Tom's cabin. Whatever the project, LuLu and ...

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