Thea's '99 trip

Below are some pictures from my trip to Crow Village from June 1999.

I went there with my co-worker Chris. We carried some logs and put up maybe 2 rows on the house. The days were spent fishing and nights were spent playing cards. We tried to teach Chris how to play bridge inside the little house in front of the only window.

Chris and I were up there for about a week. My most memorable moment was when we went to Chuathbaluk one afternoon and it was about 90 degrees and drizzly rain and just hoorible mosquitos in Chuathbaluk walking up the steep steep hill to go visit David's friend Eric and his wife Lucy. We saw "littleman" who was just covered with mosquitos and not having a care in the world. I wanted to say "for the love of god, drop and roll little man, drop and roll" because I thought the mosquitos were just going to suck all his blood out. Chris remembers that day well too because he steamed with Eric, Morgan and the other guys, and it was HOT HOT!

The Alaska range from Penair

Main Street

Dakota doing what he does best

Chris looking for that big king

Time to cut fish

View from the "little" house

On the river