2002 Christmas

by Thea Feyereisen

Well, I lost my camera in the snow out on the tundra, so I don't have any pictures, but I thought I would give you a written report for CVHI.

The house is now insulated and stays nice and warm. There are currently 3 methods of heat generation that can be employed dependent upon the situation (i.e., how freakin cold and windy it is outside): fireplace/stove, cookstove, and kerosene heater. The coldest temperature registered in Crow Village while I was there was -25* and the coldest in Aniak was -38*. According to Uppa Ray, CVHI consultant meteorologist, the reason for the difference can be attributed to multiple factors. 1- altitude difference (it's higher in crow village and so when there is an inversion as there frequently is in the winter, it is warmer at the higher altitudes). 2-The slough. 3- The bluffs protect you from the cold wind.

David loves his new Christmas present which is a limited edition Crow Village Carhart Artic Work Coat. He removed the Carhart logo with his knife though because he thought it was detracting from the snazzy Crow Village logo. There are only 3 people in the whole world with the jacket: David, Tom, and nephew Andy who is sporting it at the Badger campus.

Lisa enjoyed 2 weeks off from work at the lodge while I was visiting. While she was away from the lodge, business plummeted as calls for burgers and lodging were being unanswered - I guess Bob also took 2 weeks off! She was delighted to receive the cozy flannel nightgown that all female family members received in honor of Mom.

Dakota delights in spending time outdoors, even when the temperature plummets. He hooks up "bill" to the dog sled and is trying to teach him to Hike! Gee! Haa! On the river. He also helps his father keep at least 2 of the 4 snowmachines running at any given time. His new Buck knife with belt holster, a gift from his godmother, seems to come in handy on occasion when he is outside working or hunting.

Raven woke up just after midnight Christmas morning to see her mother dusting snow off of a piano that Santa Claus delivered to Crow Village. Storm thinks there is no way that Santa could have fit that through the chimney and thinks it had to go through the door. David thinks that Santa must have used a snowmachine, sled with mattress, and a come-along in case he got stuck on the hill. Amazingly, the piano is still in tune. Raven has a natural talent and has been taking lessons this fall. She performed Jingle Bells as a duet with her teacher at the all school Christmas program.

Storm is - well Storm - a true individual. When he is good, he is very very good, and when he is bad he is stubborn! He enjoys playing the new piano. He is learning to read music and has mastered Mary Had a Little Lamb. He will start lessons this spring. He turned 6 "on the 4th day of 2003" and is delighted now that he is 6, Raven 7, and Dakota 8.