Christmas 2000

Thea went out to the bush to experience 2000 Christmas "Crow Village Style". Suprisingly, not much snow had fallen yet so the dogsledding wasn't very good. It wasn't too terribly cold either while she was there with most days getting above 0F. Sometimes in the winter it can get -40. She really tested the limits to the carry-on baggage with the 30lb double smoke ham and 2 crates of Darling Clementines (for those of you that don't know, Storm loves baby oranges)! She had been booked my ticket to Aniak under false pretenses that they would be moved into the big house. WRONG. But they all managed to stay cozy in the little house -- night times we all snuggled in the loft and it was always a bit of a discussion as to who got to sleep next to Auntie Thea :-) While the sun was out we worked non-stop on the big house -- mostly insulating and we did manage to get a couple of windows installed. Oh, did I mention "while the sun was out" was really only about 4 hours! teehee. It was a great old fashioned Christmas and one Thea is sure never to forget. Here are some pictures.

Lead dog Charlie

Ice piled up on the shore

Lisa and the kids

Denim everywhere

Bottle it!

The "Big" house